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Plan Early for Your Wedding

In this part of our guide we will cover some of the many areas to think about before planning the finer details of your big day itself.

If you are sure about your future spouse then we suggest you consider some of the following:

What kind of wedding do you want?

You may find you don’t agree on this, and sometimes people can have long-cherished views on how their big day will be. Some people have a wedding abroad in small barefoot ceremonies, while others dream of crowded churches. Your big day should reflect your wishes and personalities, so try and resist too much outside interference! If you are a religious person or couple, you may want to spend some time preparing for the big day, and the person leading the ceremony (e.g. vicar or rabbi) will be pleased to help with this.

Where will it be?

If you know an area well, most aspects of organisation are easier, from transport to accommodation to speaking directly with the local people. If it is easier for people to get to it will also be better attended by your friends and family, less time will be wasted travelling and you can offset the low carbon footprint against your honeymoon!

Who will be coming and how many?

You could make lists of definites, probables and possibles, doing a number check for each one and remembering spouses and children where relevant. You may decide on a maximum number for the service and reception which you have to stick to. Don’t forget you are in charge, but some diplomacy may be called for!

When will it take place?

Most weddings are after midday so there is plenty of time for last minute arrangements and preparation. If it is in the middle of the week it will cause maximum disruption for working people. Some wedding venues (e.g. churches and hotels) are very popular and book up far in advance; consider the best time of year in terms of climate, holidays, tourists etc and the impact on finding accommodation such as bed and breakfast for those attending.

Make sure you have allowed plenty of time to prepare the other elements of the wedding especially dressmaking. What else do you have to do beforehand? If you have an important interview the previous week you may not be at your best!

Choosing your attendants.

This covers the best man, ushers, and bridesmaids. Your best mate may be a good guy but will he be organised enough for his duties, and more importantly will he embarrass you with a dreadful speech? It is a compliment to be one of the attendants and sometimes people will feel left out if they are not included….decisions, decisions!

Can you afford it?

Probably the most important consideration after the choice of spouse! Try and think forward, include all the other things you have to pay for between now and your wedding date.

Using Pay4ourbigday should make this much easier for you, but it would be unwise to splash out in the hope your guests will cover everything! They may struggle to cover the costs if they are unreasonable.

Most people love a good wedding, but a large price tag doesn’t guarantee a memorable big day (especially if it results in large amounts of tension). A happy couple with relaxed guests and a nice atmosphere are much more important, and careful planning is usually needed for this to happen. There are plenty of useful books you can use if you want to look into more detail, as well as books on how to be a best man, speechwriting etc.

Look at your thoughts so far.

Are they practical? Time for a reality check, try discussing it with a few close friends or doing a mental ‘dry run’ imagining how it would work. If you are not a natural planner, don’t be shy about asking for help, as long as you have control of the choices. A recent development is the appearance of wedding planners who can take on some of the organisation for you and you might want to look into this.